Thursday, July 17, 2008

Price of Steel

The article in the Gleaner today (Thurs 17) is the second time that this story has hit the news. Fredericton City Council is concerned that the price of steel will mean they will have to revise the design for the new south side arena. They will either alter the architecture, replacing steel with other materials or reduce the size of the design by removing spectator seating. I have also heard that some think the Olympic size ice sheet will have to go.

I hope they can change materials and keep the seats and the larger ice surface. No point having a rink without it being a venue. Can't attract larger events and completions if there is no place to sit.

But you have to ask... if the price of steel is a concern, why isn't it also affecting the construction of the new Conference center and Government office tower? Why is it only affecting the City's costs for the new arena? How come we don't hear about that?

Given that I will use the arena more than the conference center (if ever?) - You can guess which building I would choose if I had to reduce costs. And I bet the majority of Fredericton residents would agree.