Thursday, July 17, 2008

Price of Steel

The article in the Gleaner today (Thurs 17) is the second time that this story has hit the news. Fredericton City Council is concerned that the price of steel will mean they will have to revise the design for the new south side arena. They will either alter the architecture, replacing steel with other materials or reduce the size of the design by removing spectator seating. I have also heard that some think the Olympic size ice sheet will have to go.

I hope they can change materials and keep the seats and the larger ice surface. No point having a rink without it being a venue. Can't attract larger events and completions if there is no place to sit.

But you have to ask... if the price of steel is a concern, why isn't it also affecting the construction of the new Conference center and Government office tower? Why is it only affecting the City's costs for the new arena? How come we don't hear about that?

Given that I will use the arena more than the conference center (if ever?) - You can guess which building I would choose if I had to reduce costs. And I bet the majority of Fredericton residents would agree.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Odour of Canada

Any doubt Beverley McLachlin et al on the Order of Canada nominating committee are pushing an agenda when nominating people for the Order of Canada was put to rest when I read this.

Whether you think Henry Morgentaler is a monster, a hero or something inbetween, one would be hard pressed to find someone who thinks he isn't one of the most controversial living Canadians. Yet "too controversial" is apparently a criteria for not getting named.

Frankly I could care less if Morgentaler gets it or doesn't. The controversy has once again brought the abortion issue to the forefront and forced people to talk about it. That's all good.

However it is time for a little more openess about what the criteria for the Order of Canada is. On the surface it is apparently whatever McLachlin and her elitist friends want it to be.

H/T - Burton Front

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Party is This Anyway?

Liberal MP, Ken Boshcoff likes Dion's Green Shift Plan. Not because it will do much to eliminate carbon emissions, but because it will do more to eliminate poverty. He said "the shift will transfer wealth from rich to poor, from the oilpatch to the rest of the country, and from the coffers of big business to the pockets of low-income Canadians"

Now this may be Liberal policy - they've done it before - but it sounds more like this.
And here I thought the Liberals were supposed to be the party of the center?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Live blog of French language instruction discussions

The media might not be able to attend but Rob at The Independent is live blogging the discussions taking place. Interesting stuff.

Meanwhile what I found to be an interesting article on the issue with some neat ideas is getting pilloried by some commentators.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reaching for Mediocrity

There were three articles in the Daily Gleaner today (Tuesday 8 July) on the EFI debacle.

The first was an editorial letter from professor Robertson at Mount A, that says the Government's approach to fixing the literacy woes by killing EFI was and is wrong.

Then the Editorial basically accuses Lamrock of striving for mediocrity rather than excellence in education. (An almost 180 change from their previous praise of this forward thinking, loquacious politician)

And then there was the article where Lamrock hopes his last minute meetings will quell the criticism over his lack of sincere consultations in the first place.

Don't think so Kell.

A hasty ill-thought out plan, based on discredited statistics and reports, foisted on a unwilling public and shoved down their throats, can't be sugar coated by any sort of last minute, half-hearted effort at consultation, and it certainly can't be made any more palatable by saying it is only intended to level the playing field, set a lowest common denominator and strive for mediocrity.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Visiting Blog - Weekend Potpourri

Spinks has obviously been busy this week. Celebrating Canada Day no doubt. Apparently we are a patriotic lot here in Freddy. Good fireworks and I had my fill of curly fries. ( a tradition like a dippy dog at the Frex.)

1. One of things to celebrate is the freedom we have in this country. Like the freedom of speech that allows people like Spinks and I to say what we want on a blog. It even allows others to be offensive. Thats why you should be following this story, here. This is just the latest installment in a battle for our freedom that is being fought below the surface. Fire. Them. All.

2. The Daily Gleaner ran an article on the front page today (Saturday) called "Spelling out Changes to our French Language programs". The whole tone of the article, with the exception of the last paragraph, came across like EFI was totally dead and that this was simply justifying the inevitable... Lamrock has made his decision and thats that. Silly me, I thought we were still in consultation?

3. I am disappointed in this. More here. I don't think he deserved it and its more evidence that our "elites" use their positions to further their interests over the greater good.

4. And on a good note. The strawberry recipes in the Gleaner are worth making. I love strawberries.