Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reaching for Mediocrity

There were three articles in the Daily Gleaner today (Tuesday 8 July) on the EFI debacle.

The first was an editorial letter from professor Robertson at Mount A, that says the Government's approach to fixing the literacy woes by killing EFI was and is wrong.

Then the Editorial basically accuses Lamrock of striving for mediocrity rather than excellence in education. (An almost 180 change from their previous praise of this forward thinking, loquacious politician)

And then there was the article where Lamrock hopes his last minute meetings will quell the criticism over his lack of sincere consultations in the first place.

Don't think so Kell.

A hasty ill-thought out plan, based on discredited statistics and reports, foisted on a unwilling public and shoved down their throats, can't be sugar coated by any sort of last minute, half-hearted effort at consultation, and it certainly can't be made any more palatable by saying it is only intended to level the playing field, set a lowest common denominator and strive for mediocrity.