Sunday, July 6, 2008

Visiting Blog - Weekend Potpourri

Spinks has obviously been busy this week. Celebrating Canada Day no doubt. Apparently we are a patriotic lot here in Freddy. Good fireworks and I had my fill of curly fries. ( a tradition like a dippy dog at the Frex.)

1. One of things to celebrate is the freedom we have in this country. Like the freedom of speech that allows people like Spinks and I to say what we want on a blog. It even allows others to be offensive. Thats why you should be following this story, here. This is just the latest installment in a battle for our freedom that is being fought below the surface. Fire. Them. All.

2. The Daily Gleaner ran an article on the front page today (Saturday) called "Spelling out Changes to our French Language programs". The whole tone of the article, with the exception of the last paragraph, came across like EFI was totally dead and that this was simply justifying the inevitable... Lamrock has made his decision and thats that. Silly me, I thought we were still in consultation?

3. I am disappointed in this. More here. I don't think he deserved it and its more evidence that our "elites" use their positions to further their interests over the greater good.

4. And on a good note. The strawberry recipes in the Gleaner are worth making. I love strawberries.